Valuebux Update : Payout Problems

Valuebux stopped payouts. Here is the quote from admin regarding situation -

Main reason that payouts been turned off is due to PayPal they have caused me nothing but problems. They have limited my account.

Valuebux Admin

And the reason for this, as admin stated-

From what I can tell it's frozen due to bad purchases. I've had several buying, then PayPal freezes those funds. I am thinking of what to do for the site. May know in a couple days.

Valuebux Admin

And that's the reason admin replaced Liberty Reserve with Paypal. It seems like, its the end for them. Anyway, I'll update you here whenever I get any update.

Palmbux, 3rd Instant Payment

I received my third instant payment from Palmbux and that makes a total of $20. As I said in my previous post, its going great with Palmbux. Today, while cashing out I noticed out that they now have huge fees, 15% for Alertpay cashout and 4% for paypal cashout.This was new, previously the fees for Alertpay was much less. I will try to get admin to comment here about this.

I have not invested anything and still earned all this, thanks to my active referrals. But I would like to say if I had upgraded, the earnings would have been doubled ~$40. I didn't because I was lacking funds and if thats not the problem, I suggest you do and if you cannot you can still earn a lot like me, just join Palmbux.

BuxWiz - Feel The Potential

I joined a new PTC, Buxwiz. The design looks good and the admin, Damien Gray, is active in forums. I think its worth a try and you can do that for free ;)

  • Standard: $0.01/click & $0.005/referral click
  • Premium: $0.01/click & $0.01/referral click
  • Minimum $2 payout and increases till $10
  • 4 ads per day
  • Instant Payout
  • Payment Processor: Alertpay & Paypal
Status : Paying

General Updates

Palmbux is going great!!! No hassles, everything smooth in here. If you have not joined Palmbux yet, don't wait, do it now. Soon I'll be receiving my third payment from them. Their decision to change advertising & click rates(check here) really worked out. They are getting real advertisers, we are getting extra ads to click and more money. This does show that admin is thinking, planning and then implementing which is a very good thing.

Neobux, the ultimate PTC, most trusted one, added a new payment processor. Its called Neteller and the reason they stated is the support for many countries which others don't. Admin wrote a big article in Neobux forum introducing Neteller and using it, check it here.

Missed updates

As I mentioned in my previous post, I missed some updates. I'll post them now.

There were few changes and updates issued by one of the Top PTC Palmbux.
New Advertising System -

Why new Advertise System?
Because we want more Advertiser on PalmBux and you will also get more earnings, because you will have more ads to click!

What does this mean?
You can now buy cheaper Ads!

Check out the new advertising and click rates here.

Why we lower the click rates for standard Members?
Because we can only sell cheap ads with this way and in the end you will have more ads and also more earnings! But don't worry i don't forget my standard members

New benefits for Standard Members
- Rent Referrals costs now: $0.30 before was $0.32
- Delete direct Referrals costs now: $0.15 before was $0.25
- 1 Month Premium costs now: $15 before was $17
- You can disable now the daily jackpot !
- Cashout is now 2,4,6,8

New Feature Chat- They enabled new feature chat, those who click there might have already noticed it. The mods and especially the admins will often be there to answer your questions.

New Verification and Support Team -  Plambux now has a new support team helping administration in site management. They are the moderators of Palmbux forums, Heaven and Chaobuddy, but now also in the support team. Admin said this will help them attain more professionalism and verifications will now be much faster. Lots of new stuff coming .. stay tuned.

Cobybux(details here) - Many people opened disputes after purchasing referrals, memberships and lottery tickets using paypal. This has caused them a lot of trouble, more than 10 disputes with Paypal. So they now have new rules to prevent any such thing in future.

1:-From Today we will not pay any more who have un-verified account on Alertpay & Paypal.

2:-All Members that deposited using Paypal will only be able to withdraw to Paypal
All Members that deposited using Alertpay will only be able to withdraw to Alertpay.

3:-Members from China if you are standard members and if you have more then 10 referral then you will not be paid.If if you have any purchased membership then don't worry.That means as a standard members only 10 direct referral will be accepted(China members only)

4:-If you have no referral(less then 1 referral) then no need to post success story in cobybux forum. If you want to share then you can post.

There has been some updates about Goobux and some other PTCs but as I was not much active on PTCs so I too missed them. But on an important note, there has been some problems with Gammabux, they are doing selective payouts so proceed with caution.

No Updates?!?

I posted no updates from long time though there has not been much but there are some I missed. The reason for this are exams and the another was I was loosing interest in PTCs bcoz of some other MMO's I found and the time PTCs consume. But not to worry, I'm back now, PTC industry will rock again . There is lot to post about new PTCs, some old updates and some general updates. But my exams are still on, so I cannot say I'll be 100% active but still you can expect 90%.

BuxP 1st Payment!!

BuxP(details here) completed one year some days back, they implemented lot of new features. Their track record till now is superb. Lot of ads(25+), Timely payments, Super support, Cool admin and the only site with real advertisers. Anyone, interested in investment, I recommend BuxP. Their referrals are active and membership is cheap compared to others. I received my first payment yesterday.

Nothing much to say, BuxP rocks!! Thanks for payment!!

Goobux is Back!!

Yes you heard it right, Goobux after a long waiting is back with their new and unique script. I received a mail today with my login information to reactivate my account. I reactivated my account and was excited to login and check the new script. As they said, its completely different from other PTC scripts.

  • Login Panel at the top with username, password and account code.
  • Games - you can play for fun and you can play for money.
  • A cool baar to access different features.
  • Goobux card, you can purchase any number, $39/card.

Though some features are still disabled as they are under progress like Surf Ads page but  this ensured that they were working on the script. There's an offer for first 1000 upgrades, you'll get one Goobux card free. If you have not joined goobux yet, you can join it and check out their new features.

1st payment from Shortbux!!

I received my first payment from one of the Top PTCs Shortbux within 24hrs of request, details about Shortbux here .

Only a small payment of $2, but there are many more to come. I would like to say sometimes scripts can cause problems, sometimes they can falsely classify you as cheater or might ban you for inactivity but don't worry Ibrahim, admin of Shortbux, is very supportive and you can get it all solved via live support. Thanks Shortbux!!

New Goobux still Pending

Goobux, details here, is still not done with their so called hacker secure script. They are continuously delaying their launch with different reasons. Some time back, they said they are on final tests and will be launching soon. Then, they placed a timer on the homepage counting down for the launch, but they didn't. Again they said they will launch on Monday, May 25, but they didn't. Recently one of the moderators gave another update -

@ surfer & others
As said earlier, the site is at the final stage
We will be back ASAP
We want the members to enjoy the best things of goobux and once online we don't want the site to go down for minor bugs and this is the reason for the delay in launch
so please be patient and wait for goobux to work at its best
Like you everyone is eager to see the new goobux
but you are loosing nothing here
your all balances / stats are safe
Due to previous delays, we don't want to give an exact time or date for its launch but you can see the goobux at the shortest time possible


So now they are back on final stage tests. I don't know whats going on with them or will they be back or are they really planning to relaunch or are they just trying to delay or whatever. But this unprofessional-ism is gonna have a bad impact on their reputation for sure. Many people are already suspecting them in their forums. And I would like to say that they might ban me or remove some of the cents I earned, for telling the truth or you can say for using my right of speech, as they did to who voted bad or very bad in their previous pole, but I don't care. Anyway, lets wait and watch, hope they don't end like Earn.nu or TTG.

PerformanceBux Dead

Yes, you heard it right, Performancebux is now dead. Forums are gone, they have more than 40 self sponsored ads, no payouts from a long time. This was more than enough to conclude that the sinking ship of Performancebux is now drown. PTC forums are full of people complaining, reporting and crying of their death. I would like to mention that it was the best PTC for some as they said on forums, though I lost $5 and have not recieved any single payment from them. Anyway, its like a trend nowadays, PTCs coming and falling, performancebux followed. There are only some well managed and trusted PTCs out there.

First Instant Payment from Valuebux

Valuebux, details here, is one of the instant PTCs paying without any problem and is here from a good time now. This is my first instant payment of $5.39 from them, received within seconds.

If it continues like this, it'll be in the list of top PTCs soon. There are some contest going on right now, check them at Valuebux forums. Finally, Thanks Valuebux for the payment!!

Alertpay adds new Features

The most widely used payment processor by PTCs, Alertpay, adds new Features for the benefit of its Business and Personal Pro account holders. Aside from the new Multi-Checkout feature, here are another two new and improved features-

Mass Pay – If you have weekly payouts like commissions or referral payments, this is a fast and effective tool for you. With this improved feature, you can view past batch payment details and locate individual payouts without effort. You will also know right away which payments succeeded and which did not so you can send them again. Please visit the Dev forum for more information: http://dev.alertpay.com/forums/t/3265.aspx

IPN Upgrade – Many of our sellers have to contact us when they do not receive an IPN post for a specific transaction and we have to send it again. Since this is an inconvenience for our Business account members, we now send up to nine IPN posts until we get confirmation that their server has received the post. Please visit the Dev forum for more information: http://dev.alertpay.com/forums/t/3261.aspx

This will surely help PTC owners and many other Alertpay merchants out there, making there business a little less stressful.


Glitterbux is a brand new PTC with a promising admin but a very poor design. Admin mentioned that he has a verified Alertpay with a fund backup and intends to keep Glitterbux alive for a long time though every admin does that in the begining. But with the recent updates, contest and work on Glitterbux, it seems the admin is really working hard, I think it'll be a good PTC. There are already a lot of payment proofs in Glitterbux forum and some other PTC forums.

  • Standard: $0.01/click & $0.004/referral click
  • Premium: $0.014/click & $0.008/referral click
  • $4 payout
  • Instant Payout
  • Payment Processor: Alertpay
Status : Problem

Join Glitterbux

PTC Updates

CobyBux - They launched Cobybux V2 successfully. But everyone needs to activate his/her account. FAQ & TOS are revised, everyone is advised to read it again. They have now only Premum and Diamond Membership, others are removed and members with those memberships are refunded according to the number of days left. Click Rates are changed as follows-
Standard Members: $0.005/click & $0.004/referral click
Premium Members: $0.007/click & $0.006/referral click
Diamond Members: $0.012/click & $0.01/referral click

GammaBux - A bad news, due to a hacker attack, all members have lost their direct referrals.  Everything else is fine. Many people are posting their direct referral names in forum, hoping to get it back. Admin said it'll be very difficult to recover direct referrals.
This news raised suspicion in everyone's mind, why a hacker would delete only direct referrals or why it would not be possible to recover direct referrals, if they have a database back-up? At PTC forums, members are saying that this is a very common excuse "hacker attack", they already declared Gammabux as scam. But in my personal opinion, its too fast to call them one.

Go0Bux - Admin continuously updating members about their progress, which is a good thing. He gave another update saying that Goobux new is ready and they are running final tests. They will launch in a few days after their coders finish test in secure areas. Members will need to reopen their account using the same username and mail, so that admin can transfer their balance from old db to new.
Those members who voted Bad or Really Bad in their Poll will not get their balance. This was weird according to me, as everyone thinks differently and if they don't want to hear bad or people voting bad, why did they created those options? This was a bad move and surely will raise some alarms. Admin said that they are those members who think Goobux is scam or other PTC admins. Anyway, I didn't even voted there, so not to worry about.

GoObux News

Goobux Admin gave an update about their progress. Their script is on final test and will be released in a few days. If you don't know what happened, you can read it here. Some changes are introduced, they are
  • Advitesers Balance feature deleted.
  • Goobux will be accessible only by https.
  • Memberships now only Standard & VIP, others are removed.
  • Login page removed, login panel will be at the top.
  • Security of Ads page increased.
  • LR added as payment processor.
Their will be some surprises too ..

BuxP News

BuxP published May newsletter with lots of news for us. Here's a slightly briefed version -

***1 Year Celebration Lottery***
29th May, BuxP will be celebrating its first birthday. They are holding a 1 year celebrating lottery. The prices will be electronics item worth $1000. First 50 will win a price. Aim is not to earn money but to give something back to our members.
***Crazy Ad Days!***
We are glad to announce that this week we are going to break a record in active ads for standard (50+) and premium members (100+)!
***New & Upcoming Features***
Adult ads(18+) can now be disabled from your profile.
We are planning to launch the automatic referral replacement script & auction script this month.Aside from our Design & Hosting offer, we now also sell licensed scripts for webmasters. More scripts will be added soon. Requests can be made on the forum.
Take a look at our Offers page, where you can earn $10 for registering & making a deposit of minimum $10 on Bwin.com (Yes that is right 100% Cashback!)
***Forum Talk***
The forum might be disabled for a few hours when we are trying to solve the spamming bots problem.
Make sure to check out our Contest subforum in the next couple of weeks because we are giving nice items away for our birthday!

Its a good time for us to earn and win a lot.

3rd Instant payment from Palmbux!!

Hurray!! I received my third instant payment from Palmbux!! Its one of the best instant paying PTC's. After this, my total payment received from Palmbux is more than $12. You can earn a lot there and this lot can be lotter-y, if you invest.

Thanks Palmbux!!  Thanks Alex!!

GooBux Update

Goobux will be closed temporarily, forwarding the current domain to Goobux forum. Admin said that they found many cheaters(1000) and Gen3 script is not capable of preventing them. They had losses more than $2500 due to cheaters. So now they will be shifting to a secure script that will be made in PHP, Java and Oracle database supported by SSL, Verisign and others tools to keep all safe.

Forum will be kept as it is . The user database will be locked and ported to the new script. A new form will be created for new members and members will need to validate their email id as soon as Goobux is back. You can contact Goobux admin if you have any queires.

ImperialFinances HYIP

Imperialfinances is HYIP(High yield investment profit) with nice design, professional support and some very interesting plans. The admin is William Somon, 34 years old man. The site is DDos protected by KODDos up to 700Mbps. The minimum to invest is very reasonable $5. You can invest using wide range of Payment Processors - AlertPay, ECUmoney, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and StrictPay. I suggest you to invest now and make some good profit while its still new.

Join ImperialFinanaces- 

P.S: Invest what you can afford to loose.

Visa Card Processing Back on Alertpay!!

Alertpay was facing problems with credit card processing from last month and due to this many PTC's were facing funds problem. But there's some good news now, Visa card processing is back and running. Mastercard and Amex are next in line, just a little more patience. But they will be changing some Terms and policies to ensure full compliance with association rules.

On another note, now you can get your credit card bill in 3 additional currencies CAD, EUR or GBP, previously it was only USD. This will benefit the account holders by eliminating foreign currency exchange fees.

Neobux completes 1 year!!

Yesterday, 30th April 2009, Neobux, the innovation in PTC, first to start instant payouts completed 1 grand year. This is the most successful instant PTC till date with more than $7.6 million paid to more than 4 million members. Most probably, you might have already joined Neobux but only if you are absolute newbie to this PTC world. And if you are, you should join it right away. Here is the quote from Neobux forum -

Time to grab that mug of coffee or tea, sit back and read while I eat the cake.

Today is the official 1st anniversary of NeoBux.
It all started on April 30th, 2008 at 15:00 (server's time).

Since I won't be doing any of those boring documentary like flashbacks, let me begin with the most needed appreciations.

First of all, I would like to thank myself for not going crazy nor losing my patience.
Then I would like to thank my family, my cat and my friends who all helped ensuring that I didn't felt asleep even when all the caffeine ran out.
And now, a ultra sized thank you to...
...Aditya (TheRekz) for his unbelievable administrative help.
...all the moderators who could, during the course of this year, survive with only a few scars and for being extraordinarily professional. Sorry for not naming each one as this is a long speech.
...the pizza delivery guy for providing all the vitamins.
...all users whose usernames start with an "A" and never forgetting all of those that start with the other letters of the alphabet (yes, even you "Z" people).
...the superb technicians and all employees of the hosting company that holds us in small cabinets.
...the other pizza guy that also ensured life support.
...Steve for the Macs and everything that felt of the Apple's tree.
...all of those who took their laptop on vacations and the hospital (ok, ok... bathroom included).
...Spanish members for having the patience to read my attempts at Spanish (luckily my Spanish is better written than spoken).
...my Arts teacher.
...everyone else (yes, even my neighbors).

This was only possible with everyone's help.
The project that was born with the question "Where the hell have they learned to code and why do they steal users?" is now a "I've shown you how to code and how to be honest. Why are you still doing it the same way?".
The famous "island of cheaters" (for those who know the lame provocative joke) proved that all a PTC needs is to be honest. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jumping back into the future, and the usual question "For how long will NeoBux be here?":
First I find it funny that we started "dead" on the mouth of some scammers and then they most graciously gave us 2 months to live... then we would be declared dead by September at the very most.
Sorry "PTC death" as you were the only one we actually cheated.
So, first is "die, die, die" and now is "It's alive and kicking".
Answering the longevity questions, I'll tell everyone the secret of our success (besides the moral one): Sustainability.
We work with a 3 balance rules. And what are they? Very simple.
We know how much we need to pay all the users. That amount is only for cashouts and not spent for even a single coffee.
Now we take that amount and make 2 separate equal ones: One for backup (we never know) and one for expenses and investments.
So, basically, imagine that we owe the users (the full sum of all users' balance) $10 (strange example).
That means that we need to have at least $30 in total available at all times.
The first $10 goes to the users (even if they don't want it it's stored there)
The second $10 are stored as a backup.
The third $10 are for expenses (servers, security, coffee, etc) and for our usual unorthodox advertisements in order to get fresh blood.
This actually is a shock for some as with all PTC admins I've talked to during this year, don't understand how this works.
The way most do it (and this in their own words/advices) is to take part of the profit to their bank account for personal spending and the rest is a required "cash-flow" to keep the site running.
Anyway, long story short, I was called many things ranging from crazy to daydreamer. The fact is that history told me that I wasn't crazy at all and that all their so called "business strategies" now lead to a 404.
This is, as far as my knowledge goes, the only PTC that doesn't require a cash-flow and, on top of that, has enough money to pay the users' balances 3 times. And we're not talking about a few hundreds of dollars.
"For how long will NeoBux be here?"... take your wildest guess.
We run as a business in a good old-fashioned management style so, please, don't ask anymore.

Go grab another mug of coffee or tea if you're still here.
Done? Here we go then.

Every single day (religiously), I read all the posts in all forums where my language skills take me. I always cared for every user's opinion and always helped as fast as I could.
I've encountered many users here who I admire for their posture, thoughts and intelligence.
Few are those that differ, actually.
We have a community of users who have all different ways of thinking and acting but, in the end, I can see that they love to help one another. They love to share their ideas, experiences and important times of their lives.
This is the only PTC I know of that turned into a large and friendly community even though only a small percentage use the forums and chat.
I never get tired of reading the forum. It's a delight especially when I wake up everyday.
Thank you all for being who you are.

Back to business...
In a whole year, users have earned more than $7.5 million.
I still remember the excitement of the first $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 and obviously, the first $1,000,000
This is what makes me happy. Seeing this value rise exponentially everyday.
It's not the status of having a huge amount paid. It's just how it feels great knowing that many have earned a lot for a few moments of their time.
I frequently receive gratification emails and actual letters from users whose life NeoBux has improved. It's such a wonderfully warm feeling knowing that we make a huge difference in someone's life.
On Christmas time our mailbox was spammed (in a good way) with wonderful "Merry Christmas" cards. 309 of them which meant the world to me. So many hours living online that I almost had forgotten how good it feels to receive physical Christmas cards in the regular mail.

I had great times at NeoBux. Although I still have real work to do, this is one of the best moments of my day. Always was and still is.
I wish you all had as much fun as I had and continue to have a whole lot more. Can't ask you to have as much excitement as I did but I want to share that it has been extremely exciting.
The concept of a PTC turning into a community is something that fils my heart with joy everyday.
I rarely (although I don't sleep at the job) see this as a business at all as most of the times I get so deep into the spirit that I feel like a real user. It feels great, actually.
You guys and gals made it all possible. Without you, NeoBux would just be the world's most honest and paying PTC. But you've made it more than that. You gave it a heart and a soul.
It's something that I'll personally remember with a smile on my face in those boring retirement days.

Some of you expected today to be a day full of surprises... balloons, confetti, table dancers, etc.
Why waste everything in one day if we can surprise you for many days?

I would like tell you that many good and shiny new things are planned for NeoBux throughout the year. I would, but I can't really... I really can't disclosure any details about this but I know you'll love it when the time comes. Everything is being carefully prepared... if you see anything strange (delays, connection failures) it's just me.
So, as everyone wants a discount for our birthday, let's begin the celebration with a 5% discount on renewals (this discount will end Saturday, May 2nd at 14:00 server time).
More things to come... not only today, not only this month but for the rest of the year (yes, I kept some for next year as well).
Let's make better what's good enough already.
NeoBux was born one year ago and has given its first baby-steps. Now it will grow even more.
Oh well, just wait and see... what would be a birthday without surprises?


Gammabux is an instant PTC based on Gen3 script.

  • Standard: $0.01/click and $0.005/referral click
  • Premium: $0.01$/click and $0.01/referral click
  • Min. 4 ads daily
  • Payout: $3
  • Instant Payout
  • Alertpay and Paypal

Status : Problem

Join Gammabux -


Cobybux is another instant paying PTC based on Gen3 script.

  • Standard: $0.007/click & $0.005/referral click
  • Premium: $.015/click & $.015/referral click
  • Min. 4 ads daily
  • Payout: $2-$5-$7-$10
  • Instant Payouts
  • Alertpay and Paypal

Status : Problem

Join Cobybux

GoObux can be Trusted

Today while surfing, I came to know that GoObux is officially registered in US.


This adds to the sites authenticity and trust.

PerformanceBux Update

Performancebux is facing problems, their status has moved to waiting on many monitors. According to the admin, they are getting a lot of chargebacks in their Paypal account from fraud credit card purchases since December. He has put forward 4 options for the users to choose from, here is the quote from performancebux forum -

1. We can Close the site down(All the complaints of people posting is ruining the site and scaring new people away)

2. I can Set It so that the complaining members(STANDARD) Will never be able to cashout unless they upgrade

3. Every one can stop spamming the forum with stuff that already been covered and then here once htings are back on track you all will get paid

4. I will empose a higher click to cashout rate like 100 clicks for standards (SINCE NO ONE WANT TO CLICK THE ADS) than we can hear you guys complain about that next its a never ending battle. Make Instant Cashouts for premium members only and make standards Wait 30 DAYS to get piad

 Final Decision will be made on 30 April.


Bux.gs is a good PTC site owned by the very well know Admin Sergio. I would like to mention that Sergio owned many other PTC's which scammed or say stopped paying. Recently, he opened an autosurf too which stopped paying or say scammed in a months period though he told that the members will recover the funds from the new program which is to launched soon. Overall bux.gs is good, paying fast at the moment but can't say about the future.

  • Standard Members: $0.01/click & $0.005/referral click
  • Premium Members: $0.015/click & $0.01/referral click
  • Min. 6 ads daily
  • Payout: $9 for Standard & $2 for Premium
  • Alertpay & Paypal
  • Payout in 2 business days

Join bux.gs, before its late-


Bux-Matrix is a combination of Bux & Matrix. Its a lot popular due to the innovative concept of Bux+Matrix. Bux & Matrix earnings are separate.

Bux Features-

  • Standard Member: $0.005/click & $0.0025/referral click
  • Gold Member: $0.01/click & $0.005/referral click
  • Min 3 ads daily
  • First Payout: $2 and then increases by 2 till $10.
  • Payout: 7 business days
  • Payments by Alertpay

Matrix Features-
  • One Time life-time membership fee of $12.00
  • $5 Payout
  • Payments weekly
  • $2.00 for each direct referral plus $1.50 (first level), then $0.50 (second level) and so on

Join Now and upgrade if u want to be Rich like Richie Rich


GoObux is a new PTC based on Gen3 script.

  • Standard: 0.01$/click & 0.005$/referral click
  • Premium: 0.01$/click & 0.01$/referral click
  • Instant Payouts
  • Alertpal, Paypal & LR
  • First Payout: 3$ and then increases by 3 till 9$

Join GoObux-


Performancebux is a PTC based on aurora script. Its here from a good time and still paying.
Important Update here.

  • Standard: 0.01$/click & 0.005$/referral click
  • Premium: 0.01$/click & 0.01$/referral click
  • Payout: 2$
  • Payout Time: 24hrs
  • Alertpay, Paypal, LibertyReserve & Evowallet.

Status : Dead

Join PerfomanceBux-


Valuebux is a new bux site paying instantly, using the same script as Buxout.

  • Standard: 0.01$/click & 0.005$/referral click
  • Premium: 0.0125$/click & 0.0075$/referral click
  • 5 ads daily
  • Payout: 5$
  • Instant Payouts
  • Alertpay and Paypal 

Status : Paying

Payment Proofs-

Join it now -


BuxP is a trusted site, will complete 1 year in May 09. Lot of ads, only BUX site having good number of real advertisers.

  • Standard: $0.005/Click & $0.0025/Referral Click
  • Premium: $0.01/Click & $0.005/Referral Click
  • Min. 20  ads daily
  • Alertpay & Paypal
  • Payout: 7.99$
  • Standard Payout Time: 45 Business days
  • Premium Payout Time: 7 Business days

Status : Paying

Payment Proofs -

Join here


Shortbux is a very sustainable site with a friendly admin. You can talk to him via live support.

  • Standard: $0.005/Click & $0.0025/Referral Click
  • Premium: $0.01/Click & $0.01/Referral Click
  • Min. 5 ads daily
  • Paypal
  • First Payout: 2$
  • Payout time is variable(Very Fast)

Status : Paying

Payment Proof-

If you want to make some good profit, Join Shortbux -

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