PTC Updates

CobyBux - They launched Cobybux V2 successfully. But everyone needs to activate his/her account. FAQ & TOS are revised, everyone is advised to read it again. They have now only Premum and Diamond Membership, others are removed and members with those memberships are refunded according to the number of days left. Click Rates are changed as follows-
Standard Members: $0.005/click & $0.004/referral click
Premium Members: $0.007/click & $0.006/referral click
Diamond Members: $0.012/click & $0.01/referral click

GammaBux - A bad news, due to a hacker attack, all members have lost their direct referrals.  Everything else is fine. Many people are posting their direct referral names in forum, hoping to get it back. Admin said it'll be very difficult to recover direct referrals.
This news raised suspicion in everyone's mind, why a hacker would delete only direct referrals or why it would not be possible to recover direct referrals, if they have a database back-up? At PTC forums, members are saying that this is a very common excuse "hacker attack", they already declared Gammabux as scam. But in my personal opinion, its too fast to call them one.

Go0Bux - Admin continuously updating members about their progress, which is a good thing. He gave another update saying that Goobux new is ready and they are running final tests. They will launch in a few days after their coders finish test in secure areas. Members will need to reopen their account using the same username and mail, so that admin can transfer their balance from old db to new.
Those members who voted Bad or Really Bad in their Poll will not get their balance. This was weird according to me, as everyone thinks differently and if they don't want to hear bad or people voting bad, why did they created those options? This was a bad move and surely will raise some alarms. Admin said that they are those members who think Goobux is scam or other PTC admins. Anyway, I didn't even voted there, so not to worry about.


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