Goobux is Back!!

Yes you heard it right, Goobux after a long waiting is back with their new and unique script. I received a mail today with my login information to reactivate my account. I reactivated my account and was excited to login and check the new script. As they said, its completely different from other PTC scripts.

  • Login Panel at the top with username, password and account code.
  • Games - you can play for fun and you can play for money.
  • A cool baar to access different features.
  • Goobux card, you can purchase any number, $39/card.

Though some features are still disabled as they are under progress like Surf Ads page but  this ensured that they were working on the script. There's an offer for first 1000 upgrades, you'll get one Goobux card free. If you have not joined goobux yet, you can join it and check out their new features.


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