Neobux completes 1 year!!

Yesterday, 30th April 2009, Neobux, the innovation in PTC, first to start instant payouts completed 1 grand year. This is the most successful instant PTC till date with more than $7.6 million paid to more than 4 million members. Most probably, you might have already joined Neobux but only if you are absolute newbie to this PTC world. And if you are, you should join it right away. Here is the quote from Neobux forum -

Time to grab that mug of coffee or tea, sit back and read while I eat the cake.

Today is the official 1st anniversary of NeoBux.
It all started on April 30th, 2008 at 15:00 (server's time).

Since I won't be doing any of those boring documentary like flashbacks, let me begin with the most needed appreciations.

First of all, I would like to thank myself for not going crazy nor losing my patience.
Then I would like to thank my family, my cat and my friends who all helped ensuring that I didn't felt asleep even when all the caffeine ran out.
And now, a ultra sized thank you to...
...Aditya (TheRekz) for his unbelievable administrative help.
...all the moderators who could, during the course of this year, survive with only a few scars and for being extraordinarily professional. Sorry for not naming each one as this is a long speech.
...the pizza delivery guy for providing all the vitamins.
...all users whose usernames start with an "A" and never forgetting all of those that start with the other letters of the alphabet (yes, even you "Z" people).
...the superb technicians and all employees of the hosting company that holds us in small cabinets.
...the other pizza guy that also ensured life support.
...Steve for the Macs and everything that felt of the Apple's tree.
...all of those who took their laptop on vacations and the hospital (ok, ok... bathroom included).
...Spanish members for having the patience to read my attempts at Spanish (luckily my Spanish is better written than spoken).
...my Arts teacher.
...everyone else (yes, even my neighbors).

This was only possible with everyone's help.
The project that was born with the question "Where the hell have they learned to code and why do they steal users?" is now a "I've shown you how to code and how to be honest. Why are you still doing it the same way?".
The famous "island of cheaters" (for those who know the lame provocative joke) proved that all a PTC needs is to be honest. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jumping back into the future, and the usual question "For how long will NeoBux be here?":
First I find it funny that we started "dead" on the mouth of some scammers and then they most graciously gave us 2 months to live... then we would be declared dead by September at the very most.
Sorry "PTC death" as you were the only one we actually cheated.
So, first is "die, die, die" and now is "It's alive and kicking".
Answering the longevity questions, I'll tell everyone the secret of our success (besides the moral one): Sustainability.
We work with a 3 balance rules. And what are they? Very simple.
We know how much we need to pay all the users. That amount is only for cashouts and not spent for even a single coffee.
Now we take that amount and make 2 separate equal ones: One for backup (we never know) and one for expenses and investments.
So, basically, imagine that we owe the users (the full sum of all users' balance) $10 (strange example).
That means that we need to have at least $30 in total available at all times.
The first $10 goes to the users (even if they don't want it it's stored there)
The second $10 are stored as a backup.
The third $10 are for expenses (servers, security, coffee, etc) and for our usual unorthodox advertisements in order to get fresh blood.
This actually is a shock for some as with all PTC admins I've talked to during this year, don't understand how this works.
The way most do it (and this in their own words/advices) is to take part of the profit to their bank account for personal spending and the rest is a required "cash-flow" to keep the site running.
Anyway, long story short, I was called many things ranging from crazy to daydreamer. The fact is that history told me that I wasn't crazy at all and that all their so called "business strategies" now lead to a 404.
This is, as far as my knowledge goes, the only PTC that doesn't require a cash-flow and, on top of that, has enough money to pay the users' balances 3 times. And we're not talking about a few hundreds of dollars.
"For how long will NeoBux be here?"... take your wildest guess.
We run as a business in a good old-fashioned management style so, please, don't ask anymore.

Go grab another mug of coffee or tea if you're still here.
Done? Here we go then.

Every single day (religiously), I read all the posts in all forums where my language skills take me. I always cared for every user's opinion and always helped as fast as I could.
I've encountered many users here who I admire for their posture, thoughts and intelligence.
Few are those that differ, actually.
We have a community of users who have all different ways of thinking and acting but, in the end, I can see that they love to help one another. They love to share their ideas, experiences and important times of their lives.
This is the only PTC I know of that turned into a large and friendly community even though only a small percentage use the forums and chat.
I never get tired of reading the forum. It's a delight especially when I wake up everyday.
Thank you all for being who you are.

Back to business...
In a whole year, users have earned more than $7.5 million.
I still remember the excitement of the first $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 and obviously, the first $1,000,000
This is what makes me happy. Seeing this value rise exponentially everyday.
It's not the status of having a huge amount paid. It's just how it feels great knowing that many have earned a lot for a few moments of their time.
I frequently receive gratification emails and actual letters from users whose life NeoBux has improved. It's such a wonderfully warm feeling knowing that we make a huge difference in someone's life.
On Christmas time our mailbox was spammed (in a good way) with wonderful "Merry Christmas" cards. 309 of them which meant the world to me. So many hours living online that I almost had forgotten how good it feels to receive physical Christmas cards in the regular mail.

I had great times at NeoBux. Although I still have real work to do, this is one of the best moments of my day. Always was and still is.
I wish you all had as much fun as I had and continue to have a whole lot more. Can't ask you to have as much excitement as I did but I want to share that it has been extremely exciting.
The concept of a PTC turning into a community is something that fils my heart with joy everyday.
I rarely (although I don't sleep at the job) see this as a business at all as most of the times I get so deep into the spirit that I feel like a real user. It feels great, actually.
You guys and gals made it all possible. Without you, NeoBux would just be the world's most honest and paying PTC. But you've made it more than that. You gave it a heart and a soul.
It's something that I'll personally remember with a smile on my face in those boring retirement days.

Some of you expected today to be a day full of surprises... balloons, confetti, table dancers, etc.
Why waste everything in one day if we can surprise you for many days?

I would like tell you that many good and shiny new things are planned for NeoBux throughout the year. I would, but I can't really... I really can't disclosure any details about this but I know you'll love it when the time comes. Everything is being carefully prepared... if you see anything strange (delays, connection failures) it's just me.
So, as everyone wants a discount for our birthday, let's begin the celebration with a 5% discount on renewals (this discount will end Saturday, May 2nd at 14:00 server time).
More things to come... not only today, not only this month but for the rest of the year (yes, I kept some for next year as well).
Let's make better what's good enough already.
NeoBux was born one year ago and has given its first baby-steps. Now it will grow even more.
Oh well, just wait and see... what would be a birthday without surprises?


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