PerformanceBux Update

Performancebux is facing problems, their status has moved to waiting on many monitors. According to the admin, they are getting a lot of chargebacks in their Paypal account from fraud credit card purchases since December. He has put forward 4 options for the users to choose from, here is the quote from performancebux forum -

1. We can Close the site down(All the complaints of people posting is ruining the site and scaring new people away)

2. I can Set It so that the complaining members(STANDARD) Will never be able to cashout unless they upgrade

3. Every one can stop spamming the forum with stuff that already been covered and then here once htings are back on track you all will get paid

4. I will empose a higher click to cashout rate like 100 clicks for standards (SINCE NO ONE WANT TO CLICK THE ADS) than we can hear you guys complain about that next its a never ending battle. Make Instant Cashouts for premium members only and make standards Wait 30 DAYS to get piad

 Final Decision will be made on 30 April.


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