New Goobux still Pending

Goobux, details here, is still not done with their so called hacker secure script. They are continuously delaying their launch with different reasons. Some time back, they said they are on final tests and will be launching soon. Then, they placed a timer on the homepage counting down for the launch, but they didn't. Again they said they will launch on Monday, May 25, but they didn't. Recently one of the moderators gave another update -

@ surfer & others
As said earlier, the site is at the final stage
We will be back ASAP
We want the members to enjoy the best things of goobux and once online we don't want the site to go down for minor bugs and this is the reason for the delay in launch
so please be patient and wait for goobux to work at its best
Like you everyone is eager to see the new goobux
but you are loosing nothing here
your all balances / stats are safe
Due to previous delays, we don't want to give an exact time or date for its launch but you can see the goobux at the shortest time possible


So now they are back on final stage tests. I don't know whats going on with them or will they be back or are they really planning to relaunch or are they just trying to delay or whatever. But this unprofessional-ism is gonna have a bad impact on their reputation for sure. Many people are already suspecting them in their forums. And I would like to say that they might ban me or remove some of the cents I earned, for telling the truth or you can say for using my right of speech, as they did to who voted bad or very bad in their previous pole, but I don't care. Anyway, lets wait and watch, hope they don't end like Earn.nu or TTG.


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