Valuebux Update : Payout Problems

Valuebux stopped payouts. Here is the quote from admin regarding situation -

Main reason that payouts been turned off is due to PayPal they have caused me nothing but problems. They have limited my account.

Valuebux Admin

And the reason for this, as admin stated-

From what I can tell it's frozen due to bad purchases. I've had several buying, then PayPal freezes those funds. I am thinking of what to do for the site. May know in a couple days.

Valuebux Admin

And that's the reason admin replaced Liberty Reserve with Paypal. It seems like, its the end for them. Anyway, I'll update you here whenever I get any update.

Palmbux, 3rd Instant Payment

I received my third instant payment from Palmbux and that makes a total of $20. As I said in my previous post, its going great with Palmbux. Today, while cashing out I noticed out that they now have huge fees, 15% for Alertpay cashout and 4% for paypal cashout.This was new, previously the fees for Alertpay was much less. I will try to get admin to comment here about this.

I have not invested anything and still earned all this, thanks to my active referrals. But I would like to say if I had upgraded, the earnings would have been doubled ~$40. I didn't because I was lacking funds and if thats not the problem, I suggest you do and if you cannot you can still earn a lot like me, just join Palmbux.

BuxWiz - Feel The Potential

I joined a new PTC, Buxwiz. The design looks good and the admin, Damien Gray, is active in forums. I think its worth a try and you can do that for free ;)

  • Standard: $0.01/click & $0.005/referral click
  • Premium: $0.01/click & $0.01/referral click
  • Minimum $2 payout and increases till $10
  • 4 ads per day
  • Instant Payout
  • Payment Processor: Alertpay & Paypal
Status : Paying

General Updates

Palmbux is going great!!! No hassles, everything smooth in here. If you have not joined Palmbux yet, don't wait, do it now. Soon I'll be receiving my third payment from them. Their decision to change advertising & click rates(check here) really worked out. They are getting real advertisers, we are getting extra ads to click and more money. This does show that admin is thinking, planning and then implementing which is a very good thing.

Neobux, the ultimate PTC, most trusted one, added a new payment processor. Its called Neteller and the reason they stated is the support for many countries which others don't. Admin wrote a big article in Neobux forum introducing Neteller and using it, check it here.

Missed updates

As I mentioned in my previous post, I missed some updates. I'll post them now.

There were few changes and updates issued by one of the Top PTC Palmbux.
New Advertising System -

Why new Advertise System?
Because we want more Advertiser on PalmBux and you will also get more earnings, because you will have more ads to click!

What does this mean?
You can now buy cheaper Ads!

Check out the new advertising and click rates here.

Why we lower the click rates for standard Members?
Because we can only sell cheap ads with this way and in the end you will have more ads and also more earnings! But don't worry i don't forget my standard members

New benefits for Standard Members
- Rent Referrals costs now: $0.30 before was $0.32
- Delete direct Referrals costs now: $0.15 before was $0.25
- 1 Month Premium costs now: $15 before was $17
- You can disable now the daily jackpot !
- Cashout is now 2,4,6,8

New Feature Chat- They enabled new feature chat, those who click there might have already noticed it. The mods and especially the admins will often be there to answer your questions.

New Verification and Support Team -  Plambux now has a new support team helping administration in site management. They are the moderators of Palmbux forums, Heaven and Chaobuddy, but now also in the support team. Admin said this will help them attain more professionalism and verifications will now be much faster. Lots of new stuff coming .. stay tuned.

Cobybux(details here) - Many people opened disputes after purchasing referrals, memberships and lottery tickets using paypal. This has caused them a lot of trouble, more than 10 disputes with Paypal. So they now have new rules to prevent any such thing in future.

1:-From Today we will not pay any more who have un-verified account on Alertpay & Paypal.

2:-All Members that deposited using Paypal will only be able to withdraw to Paypal
All Members that deposited using Alertpay will only be able to withdraw to Alertpay.

3:-Members from China if you are standard members and if you have more then 10 referral then you will not be paid.If if you have any purchased membership then don't worry.That means as a standard members only 10 direct referral will be accepted(China members only)

4:-If you have no referral(less then 1 referral) then no need to post success story in cobybux forum. If you want to share then you can post.

There has been some updates about Goobux and some other PTCs but as I was not much active on PTCs so I too missed them. But on an important note, there has been some problems with Gammabux, they are doing selective payouts so proceed with caution.

No Updates?!?

I posted no updates from long time though there has not been much but there are some I missed. The reason for this are exams and the another was I was loosing interest in PTCs bcoz of some other MMO's I found and the time PTCs consume. But not to worry, I'm back now, PTC industry will rock again . There is lot to post about new PTCs, some old updates and some general updates. But my exams are still on, so I cannot say I'll be 100% active but still you can expect 90%.

BuxP 1st Payment!!

BuxP(details here) completed one year some days back, they implemented lot of new features. Their track record till now is superb. Lot of ads(25+), Timely payments, Super support, Cool admin and the only site with real advertisers. Anyone, interested in investment, I recommend BuxP. Their referrals are active and membership is cheap compared to others. I received my first payment yesterday.

Nothing much to say, BuxP rocks!! Thanks for payment!!

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